Free Trial: 14 Days
Lowest Cost: $9.99
Transfer Limit: 2 GB
Max File Size: 2 GB
Storage Space: 2 GB

Most people know how difficult it can be to safely and securely send your files through the internet.  You have to worry about hackers, about your information getting leaked, or stolen.  Thankfully, is a safe and secure way for all of us to do this.  The steps to complete this are very user friendly; you start by uploading your files, selecting who you would like to send your files to, and once the recipient receives the email, they download your files.  It’s honestly that simple!

This system is great for professionals as well and makes working remotely a very easy process.  If you are working with someone geographically located far away, you can share, work, and collaborate on the same file by simple file sharing.  Yousendit also has a number of security programs on its platform which ensures your important information doesn’t get leaked or stolen.  Yousendit can also assist in reducing costs with overnight shipping as well as reduce FTP costs.

This is one of the most modern and safe methods of transferring files and sharing your files with your friends, family, colleagues, etc.  This is also a great way to share files with your clients; it makes it hassle free and easy to get files directly to your clients for their approval and therefore reduces time wasted.

Yousendit offers its users the ability to access their accounts through desktop and mobile access or users can go with the Enterprise Management Services.  The Enterprise Management Services is a highly reliable and scalable solution to their business needs by using central user provisioning and management as well as enterprise grade security to ensure all the organization’s files and confidential information remains secure.

YouSendIt Pro Plus

YouSendIt Pro Plus makes file sharing and storing easy – never worry about emails bouncing or losing important documents again.

  • - This plan offers UNLIMITED file storage and e-signatures with the ability to share and sync files up to 2GB.
  • - Easily send and receive content with the comfort of email but without the hassle of inbox limits.
  • - YouSendIt’s Dropbox allows access to your files anywhere, anytime.
  • - Wherever you go, your files are with you in cloud-based, secure folders, enabling productivity on-the-go.
  • - Additional features include download tracking, return receipts, and phone support.


All in all, YouSendIt’s Pro Plus provides all the features you need to easily send, share, sync, and sign documents on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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1 Review of YouSendIt File Transfer Service

  1. Diana Rosa

    You send it was a wonderful file sharing program. However, when they were taken over by Hightail the service completely deflated and they raised the price an extra $5 was $9.99/month NOW $15.00! I have canceled my service and am looking for a new provider.


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