Free Trial: 14 Day
Lowest Cost: $5
Max File Size: 2 GB
Storage Space: 10 GB
Transfer Limit: None

TransferBigFiles lets you send big files to anyone by sending the recipient a link to download the file. With five plans to choose from, you can find one that is just right for your needs.  One of their plans is even offered free of charge.  If you decide to go with one of the priced plans, there’s a fourteen day money back guarantee, so you can really try out the service to make sure you like it.

With an account you get added features. You can name each file transfer so that it can be easily referenced at a later date in your transfer history. You can receive a copy of the email sent to the recipients and even receive a notification when they download the file.  TransferBigFiles even gives you the option to choose the data center that provides the best performance for you.  For added security you can password protect your files as well.

By creating a dropbox, you can receive big files from anyone.  For businesses TransferBigFiles gives you a piece of code to put on your website to allow visitors to send large files to you.

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