Free Trial: 14 Days
Lowest Cost: $9.95
Max File Size: 2 GB
Storage Space: 25 GB
Transfer Limit: 5 GB

If you are trying to share a large file with a friend, things can get tricky.  That is where SendYourFiles comes in.  If your files are too large to send via email or you just want to find an easier way to manage everything, then a file sharing service is probably what you need.  SendYourFiles is one of several prominent file sharing services online and has proven to be a good choice.  This SendYourFiles review will give you an idea of how everything works as well as the potential benefits and drawbacks of using this service.

How SendYourFiles Works

SendYourFiles offers 4 different types of plans ranging from the basic package to the corporate package.  They range in price from $9.95 per month to $113.95 per month and offer a variety of different features.  The standard package ($13.95/month) seems to be the most popular and allows you to send 10GB of data per month and store up to 50GB.  It also offers online backup capabilities, tracks file downloads, and even offers password protection for each download.  Once you sign up, you simply upload any files that you want to share and then send your friends the link so that they can download the files.

Potential Benefits of SendYourFiles

•    Handles Large Files
SendYourFiles allows you to send files up to 2GB to anyone via email.  They will receive the download link and that’s it.  All of this is done without needing to download any software.

•    Secure Storage
Within your account, you have the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of folders and sub-folders, similar to Windows Explorer.  Within your storage, you can even automate photo galleries to share with others.  With the advanced sharing options, you can even create password protected downloads to ensure that no one but the intended party gets access to it.

•    Creating a Backup
While SendYourFiles isn’t considered to be an online backup service, it does offer some important backup features.  You can create a block-level backup after your initial full backup.  This makes it easy to ensure that you always have a complete backup handy, without having to waste time and bandwidth.  You can also use the automatic file selection feature to always backup the files which are most often used, such My Documents and My Images.

•    Speed
SendYourFiles utilizes several tactics to ensure that you are not wasting time or bandwidth with any of your backups.  It offers bandwidth throttling, proxy support, and point in time file restoration.

Potential Drawbacks of SendYourFiles

There does not seem to be any specific drawbacks to using SendYourFiles unless your only purpose is to create a full backup of your computer online.  Since you don’t have to download any software, all of your backups will need to be done manually.

SendYourFiles Review

SendYourFiles seems to be a great option for file transfer and even offers a variety of file backup solutions as well.  The prices seem to be on par with the industry standard and the administrative area s very easy to use.

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1 Review of SendYourFiles File Transfer Service

  1. Markus

    sendyourfiles worked well for me. it’s got an intuitive interface and worked without any problems.


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