Free Trial: No
Lowest Cost: $4.95
Max File Size: Unlimited
Transfer Limit: 500 MB
Storage Space: 500 MB

Sendthisfile will allow its users to send any files through their email, no matter what size the file is.  Sendthisfile offers its users the option of choosing a free account of upgrading to the next level which offers more options, but for a fee.  Sendthisfile has many security and safety precautions involved in its process and ensures your files stay safe and secure.  However, Sendthisfile does not have a virus scanner so potential viruses can be sent.

To send files, you simply upload the file and enter in the email addresses where the files are being sent to.  The recipients will receive an email stating the file has been received and is ready to download.  If the sent file is not opened in six business days, the invitation to download the file will be revoked for safety precautions.

Sendthisfile allows you to create a contact list to store email addresses in which you send files to.  The paid accounts with Sendthisfile encrypts the files you share with others to ensure that  hackers will have no way of actually being able to read your files. One reason why Sendthisfile highly promotes its paid accounts is due to the fact that downloading time is spread across all free user accounts which means your downloading time can potentially be lengthy at high traffic times.  The paid accounts with Sendthisfile also offer the organizations to customize and brand their account when they file share, which is a huge plus for those organizations trying to build a brand or upkeep a brand.

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