Free Trial: Unlimited
Lowest Cost: $5
Max File Size: 2 GB
Storage Space: 10 GB
Transfer Limit: Unlimited

MongoFiles has become a popular option for people who want to temporarily upload a file to share it with their friends as well as big businesses who need to be able to share and collaborate online.  Regardless of your specific needs, when it comes to file sharing MongoFiles seems to be a top contender.  But is it right for you?  Here is a quick MongoFiles review to help you understand what it has to offer.

MongoFiles Basics

MongoFiles offers 4 different plans to choose from ranging from free to $50 per month.  These packages can vary widely in terms of file size, storage, and additional features.  The average person will likely not need anything more than the $5 package which is intended for personal use.  Businesses can choose from either the $10 or $50 package depending on how much they need to store and what features they will need to use.  MongoFiles has two basic functions: Downloading/Sharing and Uploading/Storage.

Downloading and Sharing

MongoFiles allows you to download and share any type of file you want.  With the free service you can share a file that is up to 100MB in size and the premium packages go as high as 2GB.  In general, MongoFiles seems to be known for being one of the fastest options online because of their world-class connectivity.

Uploading and Storing

In terms of uploading and storing files, the service will vary greatly from the free plan to the premium plans.  The free plan does not allow any long term storage and your files will be deleted after 30 days, however all of the paid plans offer an unlimited file storage duration.

Additional MongoFiles Benefits

Depending on what plan you choose, there are a number of features and tools that you can take advantage of.  For example, you can send multiple files, use advanced download tracking, password protect your downloads, and even add your own colors and logos.

One of the most prominent benefits of using MongoFiles is that they are extremely eco-friendly.  One of their biggest successes is their carbon footprint plan.  MongoFiles is known as the first truly green file transfer and hosting service.  If you have any of the paid plans, then MongoFiles will plan a tree on your behalf every year that you are a member.  With the business plan, a minimum of 10 trees will be planted on a yearly basis.  You even get notified when and where your tree is being planted.

MongoFiles Review

In general, MongoFiles is becoming well known for it’s exceptional service both to customers and the environment.  With the easy to use interface anyone can share files online.  When compared to other file sharing services, MongoFiles seems to be on the low end of the price scale, although many people report that they still offer some of the fastest downloads around.  Keep in mind that this is primarily designed to be a file sharing service, so if you are looking for a full online backup service, then MongoFiles may not be your ideal choice.  However, if you are looking for a fast, inexpensive, secure place to host and share your files, then MongoFiles should definitely be considered.

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