Free Trial: 30 Days
Transfer Limit: Unlimited
Lowest Cost: $18
Max File Size: Unlimited
Storage Space: 30 GB

Filesdirect is a file sharing web platform which allows users to create an account and send their files to others quickly, securely, and safely.  Filesdirect deals primarily with sending large files for businesses and organizations to colleagues, clients, etc.  Filesdirect offers organizations the chance to reduce their time spent sharing files as well as reducing their costs by eliminating the hassle of using FTP as well as limiting their time spend through email and the worry of hackers obtaining their files.

Filesdirect began when they saw exactly how difficult it was for organizations to send large files amongst one another without worrying about shipping time, security issues, etc.  So Filesdirect began operating specifically for organizations sending large files and one of the highest features is the fact that Filesdirect does not require any organization to create an account, you can simply go to their website and send your files.

Filesdirect is praised by the industry because they do not require any organizations to sign up with them or create an account; this is what puts them ahead of its competition.  Many of these file sharing platforms require you create an account, login each time; you may receive unnecessary emails with them, etc.

To send files you simply upload the files and create a list of contacts you would like to send the files to.  The recipient will receive an email stating that the files are ready to be picked up and the recipient can begin the download process.  Filesdirect will save contacts in its database for you as well so you can create contact lists.  Filesdirect is quickly becoming the next organizational tool for quickly sharing files with colleagues and clients in a hassle free manner.

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