JZip- An Easy to Use Compression Utility

If you need an effective way to compress your files you can use JZip. This program allows you to create, open and extract a variety of different file types including Zip, TAR, 7-Zip and GZip. You will also be able to open and extract RAR and ISO files. It is free to use and a […]

How To Send Secure Email

When you are sending a regular email, perhaps you are not aware of the supposed risks associated with this form of communication. The average email is, by definition, unsecured which means that it is the equivalent of talking loudly in a room full of people. None of this is a problem if, like most people, […]

Easy Ways To Send Big Files

In a perfect world, you could send enormous attachments with your email and have no issues. However, sending large files on mail sites is impossible as most have size restrictions with the largest file you can send being between 10-25MB. This may seem a lot, until you start trying to send video attachments. All of […]